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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Good Bye Message To The Distinguished Senate President Dr Bukola Saraki Con

Our dearest Senate President, Distinguished Senator Bukola Saraki, there comes a time when it is always very difficult to say and do a simple thing as goodbye.
As the clock ticks, seconds become minutes and hours beckon the night.
I wish I can stop tomorrow from coming, I wish you are not leaving the Senate.

Oh Saraki!
Those that hate us for loving you are mocking.
They have called us names just because we saw your strength and not weakness.
We have lost friends and partners because we adore your sterling leadership qualities and excellent spirit.
We have been called names, accused and labelled criminals.
Night and day, we are always online broadcasting your good works with pride.
We have been marked as the enemies of the nation for passionately speaking out facts.
Some say you paid us even when most of us have not even seen you in person because they cant understand how we stay online all day defending you.

Dear Bukky,
Honestly there is something unique about you, guess what, because of you I got the opportunity to meet and share my personal views on politics and express my points online and offline debating with the best brains ever in Nigeria. I am humbled by this honor.

Your humility, uniqueness and calmness made me love politics though I am not a politician.
Your kind, respectful and courteous ways of responding to your enemies are qualities not sold in the market.

Your unparalleled love for younger Nigerians inspires us all, you call them the future!
You are endowed with unmarred discretion, intelligence and mental soundness

Your love for the peace and unity of Nigeria has given us hope, yes there is hope for Nigeria
Your zeal for the joy of every tribe and religion is immeasurable. You are a unifier!

I strongly believe that if you are given the opportunity to lead this country, you will take us to the promise land.
Your deep knowledge about the economy and appreciation of our diversities as a people is unarguably the most important leadership trait in you. You are of course the best brain in politics today

You have been emotionally abused, harassed and blackmailed in other to make you bow, yet you refused to go down for our sakes.
Your none violent disposition to provocations is highly commendable.
You used the opportunities at your disposal to touch thousands of lives, countless numbers of NIGERIAN youths have benefitted from your liberal spirit.

It is true that a Prophet is without honor only among his people.
How Kwara stood with Tinubu and Lai Mohammed to reject you is still a mystery, my joy is that you have grown beyond local politics.
You are now a National asset and no wonder those of us afar celebrate you.

Your meekness and gentle character are to be coveted, I testify that you are a good man.
Your days will be long, you will live in sound health, peace and joy will not leave your abode. Those who dream for your fall shall fall before you.
We shall miss you as the Senate-president who brought decency and honor to the National Assembly.
You are not a perfect man as no one is, you have your flaws but you are the best among your equals.
We have seen your strength. We have seen your weakness.

We are consoled to know that 2023 is around the corner and we know who will lead us.
We know your years in leadership positions is a preparation for the higher calling.
We love you, Bukky!
Copyright Meche Oswald

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