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Thursday, May 16, 2019

OGD has done better in ogun state than the outgoing governor : Olumide

Adeleke Olumide speaks about the government of the outgoing Governor and Otunba Daniel  adminstrative in ogun state. I am not a polician but let's thank God for a time like this in ogun state, we have seen it all for good eight years. I could remember vividly when Egbetokun, Adija Oladapo, Olu Fatoki and others are fighting Ogd calling him names due to their childhood politics then, Ogd is this is that which caused the victory of the outgoing Governor Senator  Amosun in 2011. I think they have leant their political lesson in hard way now. We have seen what Amosun has offered  us in the  last eight years of his administration which was filled of cosmetics projects at the very expensive cost. I want you to get this right, Daniel is not an angel he had his own  fault too, he never for once be my benefactor but truth must be told. Ogd is preferable than Amosun, he Ogd has done better than Amosun in all ramtification. I works and living in ogun state not in lagos so I can weigh  both Amosun and Daniel achievements which Daniel has done better than Amosun. Some people were carried away by Amosun cosmetics projects than daneil because he Daniel could not pocketed our monthly local government allocation. Would you compare Daniel who hardly took from local government allocation and the one who took 60% of local government allocations for eight years, would you compare Darling who collected 250 million per month for security allowance and the one who collected 500 million monthly.  OGD tried no doubt but his security lapses is the worst of him but mind you does Ogd knew Ologbowon and others taughts in 2002? Does knew the late muri Alaaya when he used shovel to cut someone head at akinside in ifo local government when they are going to ibogun for senatorial campaign for Amosun. Let say this my brother was a victim of OGD administration and likewise some others in one way or the other but the money could not be retrieved but better than the Home Chatter she by outgoing governor he perpetrated through Ministry of Land. The HC cost 150 thousand which it could not be use or serves as collateral in any corporate organizations . I  hail Daniel for his numerous achievements in ogun state.  Daniel did well in education health water and staff welfare but failed in security he managed bandits of See Ibikunle Amosun and daisi akintan in isagamu, he did well on road construction which he didn't go to capital market or foreign country to obtained exuberant load to construct essence bridges and massive roads at the high cost, he doesn't do unnecessary modern school , some cloud not be complete till now. Ogd is a considering Governor who considered when comes to the issue of transtrrring civil servant not like Amosun who transfer Nursen Mother from Ado Odo Ota to Ijebu Water side, Daniel is the one Governor who transformed Ogun State to the Modern State like ever before when you could not entered Ibara housing estate by 7 pm.  Water is a source of life which Daniel also done well on and Amosun came on board to distroyed many viable projects of this gentleman Otunba Gbenga Daniel for his personal intrest. You remember golf resort at the back of Governors of which was built on consention by Apagun Olumide? he Amosun destroyed the legacies of his predecessors. At the beginnings sophisticated bank robbery was recorded too during his first term, he distroyed many life's through salary deductions. Imagine the parents  who sent their childs to study professional courses in the university and just on a sudden your child call for an important project that require money at school what will be the resort the needs when parents could not able to obtain loan from cooperative and both parents are civil servant? Daniel  sent some government staffs to China to study electrical electronics so that they be in charge of electricity mini plant but He Amosun redundant them and abandoned the equipment at the acade ground, Oke Mosan. Here are the few of his projects

2003--2007 Projects.

*Judges Quaters Abeokuta.
*Olusegun Obasanjo Hilltop GRA,
*Olumo Rock Modernization,
*Valley View Auditorium, Abeokuta
*Gateway International Stadium, Ijebu
*Trailer Park, Ogere
*International Market, Ajilete
*International Market, Sagamu
*Sagamu/Siun/Abeokuta Dualization
*Imeko-Ilara Road
*Ilaro-Idogo Road
*Obas Complex, Abeokuta.
*Provision of Mass Transport i.e Mini
Gateway Metro taxis, Students Transit
and Workers
Transit Buses.
*Procurement of Construction
Equipment and
*Creation of Plantgate
*3 General Hospitals in Omu, Itori, and
*Olusegun Obasanjo Dialisis Centre,
*Tai Solarin University of Education,
*Modernization of MKO Abiola
*Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic Ijebu
*College of Engineering, Ibogun
*College of Agricultural Sciences,
*Media Village,
*Asero Housing Estate
*Adigbe Road with bridge
*Ilishan Ago Iwoye Road (3 bridges)
*Massive Rehabilitation of June 12
Cultural Centre,
*Oba Lipede & Ita Osu markets
*Design &Reconstruction of
Broadcasting House,
*New Secretariat Road, plus a list of
over 70 roads
*School of Nursing & Midwifery, Ilaro
*Massive Infrastructure Developments
OOU and others
*400 Transformer Substations
2007--2011 Projects
*Ultramodern Secretariat Complex,
Oke Mosan,
*OPIC Towers, Abeokuta, the 2nd
tallest building in
the old Western Region
*Gateway City Development House
Events Centre
*Ogun-Guangdong Free Trade Zone
with over 20
*Dualization of Lalubu Road,
Abeokuta, List of over 70 Roads
*Dualization of Obafemi Awolowo
Road, Ikenne
*Gateway International Stadium Ilaro
*Gateway International Stadium,
*Ultra modern NYSC permanent Camp
*Kessington Adebutu ICT Polytechnic
*DS Adegbenro ICT Polytechnic Itori
*Ayo Otegbola Polytechnic, Igbesa
*Gateway Industrial & Petrochemical
Institute, ONI
*Workers Estate, Laderin
*Ibara Renewal Housing Scheme
*Housing Estates in Ilaro, Itanrin,
Ikenne, and 30
New Estates statewide with Private
*Tertiary Institutions Hostel Projects,
*Procurement of New Fire Equipments
for all Fire
*Procurement of Hundreds of Agric
*Ogun International Airport Project,
Concessioned for
*Private Sector Funding &
*OK Deep Sea Port Project,
concessioned for Private
Sector Financing & Development
*OK Free Trade Zone Project. Private
*Abeokuta Central Business District
*Complete Rehabilitation of all Major
Urban Water
Schemes: Abeokuta, Sagamu, Yemoji,
Akinsinde/Ilaro and Otta schemes
including pipeline
*23 MiniPower stations totaling 47MW,
equipments on the ground and the
first one
commissioned on 23rd May 2011 in
*250 Rural Water Schemes in various
*500 Transformer Substations
*Gateway Savings & Loans House,
These are the ones, I readily recall. Let
me assure
that I will still be responding to
questions, but this
time quietly to the people who ask,
because, we
must be responsible for this tenure for
However, let me reiterate that whereas
as human
beings we cannot be perfect, there
was not one
single question that I did not or was
not ready to
answer. There were no issues in
performance, there
were no issues of probity, there were
no issues at
all except political and media
shenanigans. I wish
all well -OGD
*Proliferation of Tertiary Institutions in
Ogun State
Lest I forget, part of the questions that
was asked
by someone at the beginning of the
session was
were we established several tertiary
institutions in
Ogun State without the wherewithal to
run them
adequately. I respond as follows; yes
Established the following institutions
campuses during our tenure;
1. College of Agricultural Sciences (part
of OOU), in
Aiyetoro, Yewa North LG
2. College of Engineering & Technology
(part of
OOU), in Ibogun, Ifo LG
3. Tai Solarin University of Education,
Ijagun near
Ijebu Ode
4. Abraham Adesanya ICT Polytechnic,
Ijebu Igbo.
5. Kessington-Adebutu ICT
Polytechnic, Saapade,
Remo North LG
6. Ayo Otegbola ICT Polytechnic,
Igbesa, Ado Odo
Ota LG
7. D S Adegbenro ICT Polytechnic, Itori,
8. Gateway Industrial & Petrochemical
ONEE, Ogun Waterside LG
9. Tai Solarin College of Education
relocated to Omu, Odogbolu LG
10. School of Nursing & Midwifery,
Ilaro, Yewa
South LG.
In addition to this, we also ensured
that the
existing College of Health Technology,
in Ilese was
recognized and the certificate properly
because, hitherto, the school and the
issued were not even recognized for
purposes of
employment even in the Civil Service.
Now to answer to why all these?.
First we must recognize that either by
happenstance or otherwise, education
is one of the
main Industries in Ogun State. At the
last count,
there are approximately 20 Universities
in Ogun State, 2 State, 1 Federal and
about 17 private Universities are in
Ogun State. Secondly, you will notice
from the locations that there was a
deliberate effort to ensure that as
many locations as possible have
tertiary institutions in their domain,
because we
also see such dispersal as means of
development and microeconomic
prosperity close
to our people.
Thirdly, the 2 Colleges of Agricultural
Sciences and
Engineering in Aiyetoro and Ibogun
were part of fulfilling the dreams of the
fathers of the States for Olabisi
Onabanjo University to have campuses
in each of the states 4 geo- political
zones. Before our time, the College of
Sciences was already established in
Ikenne, within
Remo zone, the main campus already
in Ago Iwoye, Ijebu zone while I then
completed the
dream by establishing the Yewa and
campuses, albeit all under the same
Chancellor, Registrar etc without any
increase in their running costs.
So much have been said and still being
said about
the necessity or otherwise, and the
viability or
otherwise of this great institution-
TASUED, but suffice to say that, this
University is the first of its kind in
Nigeria, second in Africa, all courses
accredited and in terms of
international rating, it is
far ahead of even OOU that is now
being suggested
to take it over. Meanwhile, several
states and even
the Federal Government are studying
the University
to replicate same. Something must be
right about
that University. We are waiting for the
NUC reports
to be made public.
Let me also say that most of the
Institutions were
based on Community demand and
part of the
conditionalities for location was that
because of
the limited resources of the State,
and their Stakeholders must be ready
to partner
the Government in funding and
Infrastructures. The Communities were
and they responded massively to the
building of
the institutions. That is why
Government in
appreciation also named many of the
in honor of some of the men of honor
who spent
their fortunes building these
institutions. I wish to
specially commend the following
individuals and
Chief Kessington-Adebutu
Sen Ayodeji Otegbola
Otunba Alex Onabanjo
Chief Niyi Adegbenro
Aare Kola Oyefeso
Olotu Omoba Oyedele
Otunba S K Onafowokan
Chief Kola Sorinola
Hon Yomi Collins
Mr Segun Olusanya
Prof Ayo Ogunye
Sen Olabiyi Durojaiye
Prof Adebayo Adedeji
Wale Babalakin
Otunba Jimoh Ibrahim
Remo North LG
Intercontinental Bank
First City Monument Bank and many
others too
numerous to mention who responded
massively to
our clarion call and built various
facilities in the
various Tertiary Institutions in Ogun
Meanwhile, let me quickly shed some
light on the
evolution of the 4 ICT based
Polytechnics that we
established in each of the 4 zones of
the State. As
you are aware, Nigeria and indeed
Africa lost out in
the Industrial Revolution several
decades ago, the
reason why we are classified as
and when they was to patronize us, we
are called
developing Nations. The ICT revolution
provided an opportunity for
developing nations to
catch up with the industrialized world.
India, a
developing country who got its
independence same
time with us have caught up via their
Bangalore and various silicon valleys
across the
world. The ICT based Polytechnics was
our own
answer. In fact when we started them
all as
Monotechnics to emphasize the fact
that they were
strictly ICT institutes but changed them
Polytechnics in order to qualify for ETF
funds. We also must state that the NUC
the admission quota for OOU to about
candidates against the 60,000 qualified
annually for tertiary institutions. What
could have
happened if there was no alternative
for these
teaming Ogun State qualified
students!!! We can all
fathom guesses. Let us conclude by
saying that
the internationally recognized CISCO
from the ICT based Polytechnics
qualifies the
Graduates for employment anywhere
in the world.
GIPI was our own outward looking
initiative to
train our own people for the Oil and
Gas industry,
where 'Expatriates Philipinos' are
usually imported
to Nigeria as Expatriate Engineers. GIPI
is the
second of such training institute in
moulded along the Petroleum Training
PTI, in Effurun, Warri. All these were in
of the OKLNG, the biggest LNG project
in the world
situated in Ogun State with capacity for
50,000 jobs, the OK Deep Sea Port,
and OK Free
trade zones, both being facilitated by

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