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Saturday, June 29, 2019

There Is No Irony Of Truth In Busola Dakolo's Claim.:Adlack

I read a story of an actress who almost been raped  by a priest ..

In one of my posts this morning,  many of you reacted to my post in wrongful manner because I don't give support to the lady in the subject matter.

Raping is a criminal case anywhere in the world which government or law enforcement don't joke or takes with slides hand.

Let me make this straight to you that there is no truth in her claim towards the pastor, I want you to read her story and digest it again

Pastors and other spiritual heads are not my God I don't give them recognition for anything bcos same blood and water flown in our different  body,  so why seeing them as angels?  they are not God to me in any form.

Many rape victims are going through trauma which is affecting their lives up till this moment but nobody to confide in and nobody to fight their battles.
As for me, I don't react to issue without verification, let try to hear from the two parties not to pick up hatred from one side story.

 Like I said this morning, we have so many bothering issues that needs our collective attentions rather than issue that has been taken to  the court for legal solution

I liked the Nollywood actress and Television personality,  Georgina Onuoha Who also   experienced same thing and the way she shared her rape experience  was fantastic than the way Busola shared her rape experience with COZA pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo.

Busola experience looks plot against Fatoyinbo. It might be sponsored the way evil people are planning to bring Christianity down in Nigeria.

The actress took to her Instagram page to write a full blown story of what happened to her when she was 22 and how a priest tried to rape without mentioning any father's name in her own experience

Let me ask you this, are you telling me to follow you in your point of views or to reason the way you reasons or what? I don't know Fatoyinbo and Busola from Adams but thing needs to be address accordingly.

Pls what concerns CAN or PFN on this matter, is it to stop the Pastor not to operate his church or to stop the lady from going to church because I don't understand.

In one of my posts this morning, I said I do watch documentary on law issues, as developed the United States is, rape victims still struggle to speak up knowing the backlash they will face and wondering if anyone will believe them or not but Justice usually favour them at the court of law not on social media Facebook.

Most rape victims go through Trauma

My dear friends and family, I want you to digest my comments bfre you crucify me, I never meant or said  Pastors, Alfa, Imam, Priests, and spiritual leaders can not rape but we need to exercise patience before we condemned men of God

For old things have passed away and all things become new.

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