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Friday, January 3, 2020

My husband and I make love in a way that is appropriate for our age - Joke Silva

Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs have won the admiration of many young people with their marriage which has endured the test of time. Regarded as veteran actors, the duo are an inspiration to young thespians.

Earlier today on a popular women’s TV talk-show, Joke Silva was asked if they still make love at their age.

She said excitedly: “We ‘do we do’ in a way that is appropriate for our age”.

Sharing her opinion on sexual harassment, the revered actress said: ”I attended the University after giving birth to two children and there was still a professor that harassed. It has nothing to do with the way a girl is dressed”.

Silva noted that at times women put too much pressure on men.

“We need to raise our men in a way that we are not putting too much pressure on them”, she said.

Speaking further, the outspoken actress noted that she was once trolled on social media.

“After the election I posted the picture of the APC leader and I said congratulations now hit the ground running .I had almost 10,000 comments. Usually when I post, I just move on to other things. Someone called me, asking me If I was okay. It didn’t hurt me, It just made me angry. What if it I was a young person who doesn’t have that strong belief? That person can commit suicide”.

On her hopes for Nigeria she said: ”I believe Nigeria cannot move with just one political party, we must have two parties in place. I believe in Nigeria totally. Nigeria has come into a space where she hasn’t been allowed to make her mistakes undercover of anonymity. Social media is out there and we put everything out there. There are mistakes other countries have made and there was no social media at the time. Every time we talk about Nigeria, we talk about our country with such disdain. I believe in Nigeria totally. Let us make our mistakes”.

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