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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Auto Bola Slams Esabod, Reveals Her Hidden Secret

Bola Afolashade is a popular socialize lady with her brand name Auto Bola  who had one time  being in romance with top fuji musicians has taken to her Facebook space to refuted Esabode claims on how she said her daughter Hannah was battered by unknown person and relative issues

Auto Bola has made it known to the public that Esabode is an unserious element who should be seen as a serial killer and lier on all her live broadcasts.

In her statement to Esabod, people should stay away from Esabod because she is a terrorist, a serial killer and lier who believes in dragging people in authority and custodians of Yoruba traditions in the mud, if a woman of her age @58 can go extra ordinary miles on social media to slandering traditional rulers and people of meaning in Nigerian society especially Alafin and Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ooni of Ife on her baseless and force accusation on what she does not have the details of. how can this Ibadan woman be Interfering on issues that does not concern her and a class she doesn’t belong to, this means Esabode needs family and urgent intervention before her health condition deteriorates than it already is on social media.

The way and manner she has been running her mouth on Yoruba institutions and rulers need to be checkmated.

Esther Tokunbo Aboderin is a disgrace to womanhood and Yoruba race, I don't know why a woman who claims to be Yoruba will not have good moral values and manners to life, any little details about her life and personal issues are on social media, why? It was just of recent that she said an unknown person rapped and beat up  her daughter Hannah which it was an absolute lie, her  daughter was hit by a set of guys who were doing car race in her neighbourhood and absconded which left her daughter with Bruises on her face and body, that was what happened. Yoruba said and I quote "Eni keni t'oba nyoleda ohun buburu a ma yoru won se" Who knows may be it was one of her marijuana suppliers that she had issues with or her daughter in-law that retaliate or her son Wale that are the actors behind her daughter’s ordeal

Esabode is an ingrate of the highest order who turns favour and gesture of Ooni Ife down because he denied her  chieftaincy title therefore tries to drag his name in the mud.

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  1. Both of you are mad. A disgrace to womanhood. Your mates are living happily with husband and you both are messing your life's up through social media.

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