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Friday, June 3, 2022

Princess Dr. Syeda Anila Talib, Emerges For Ace Award 2022 In Nigeria As Outstanding Amazon Of Poetry

Read The Brilliant Profile of The Most Reckoning Poetry Legend Syeda Anila As See Emerges For Ace Award In Nigeria By Ace Award Media Group.

Anila Talib is the first young writer from 61 countries
She won the Special Peace Award and raised the name of the country with pride.

 She set a world record by writing ninety poems on Asma Al-Hasani and keeping in view the meanings of each name of Allah, and put the Name in International Book of Achievements.

Anila Talib has received top awards from many countries including USA, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Morocco, Italy and Indonesia.

Anila Talib for her outstanding performance in a 15-second video contest on the subject of peace. Anila Talib, who was awarded the Merit Award and the title of Princess by the Indonesian royal family, is the first young Pakistani to receive this honor.

At the age of seventeen, Anila Talib created a project called Light for All, on which she was praised by the Princess of Africa.

Under her patronage, she appointed a director of the Pakistani chapter, under which Anila does social work and takes steps to train young girls.

 Anila Talib Foundation
Created by Anila Talib, under which more than 500 girls have so far received free education in the Holy Quran.
She has done various free courses to become skilled.
Plans to adorn a thousand orphans and plant a thousand plants, as well as to keep a grain of water for a thousand birds.
We are on our way to our destination as this year's target.
Anila Talib wants to create a center for free quality education for 4.2 million orphans of Pakistan as well.
 Sira-ul-Nabi Kids Kids Sessions have been organized by her foundation under the auspices of which children from backward areas are introduced to various aspects of Sira-ul-Nabi (PBUH). So far this sacred work has been done in eight backward areas.  

Anila Talib is the author of six books.

Anila Talib from Philippines International Women's Pride 2022, Is the first Pakistani to receive.

Anila Talib's plans are to send a message of peace to people all over the world, regardless of race, and Wants to polish people's hidden talents.

Anila done so far Hundreds of rural women have been offered various free skills courses.

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