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Monday, July 18, 2022

Nollywood Actress, Ada Ameh Takes A Bow

A little while ago, Ada Ameh lost her only child, literally the only family she had. 

I remember whispering a prayer of perpetual comfort for her because how do you go through something like that? How do you survive it? She was so broken. 

Few days ago, she came and opened up about dealing with mental health issues and tbh, after all she has been through, it was expected. She needed rest. 

But that was not the problem. She was given a job that she could not do because of these mental health issues. She told them why she was unable to do this job. 

But mental issues are “nonexistent” in Nigeria. 
they sued her and slammed her with a bill that she could not pay and thus dipped her mental health further. 

She posted a video and said she would not die. That she would get over it. She kept saying “I won’t die. I won’t die”. 

News is saying she died yesterday 

That’s enough internet for me today. I can’t. 

She was struggling. She struggled so much after her daughter passed. 

May the angels hold her close now and keep her safe with her baby girl. At least they are together now. 

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